How fleet is your nature.
A misty whisp that swirls at my words.
A flickering flame to lick at my feet
and scorch at me as our lips, on secret fire,
brush in our kiss.
An unquenchable beast fuelled by
passionate coals
lit once
by another
and forever

You are this in a moment.
A brief and salty moment.
As we soak the sheets
wet through
with our sweat

rung out

from the heat of the flames.

But the fire, so hot, burns
too bright
bright like a sun glint on glass in my eyes
hot like a furnace

crucible hot

ore meltingly hot.

It eats all it can

Until the fresh fire logs I bring
no longer feed it
and the tinder crackles
and spits.

Until the flames shrink and grow small
and glow until they

nearly exist

and the heat turns to a warmth
and the ashes whiten
and blow

in the winds of change.

Until the soot stains remain.

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