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Lean forward and close your eyes.
Press your cheek against the bark of this tree.
This tree is older than America.
This tree saw wars which were not photographed
and were described in books we can no longer read.
This tree was here before your grandfather
and will see your grandchildren fade from the
pages of unwritten history books.
This tree stood amongst an infant electricity,
listened to the telephone grow up and
saw democracy stolen by the greedy naughties.
This tree has roots in a soil that
was soaked by Pepy’s Autumn rain
and baked by Keat’s summer sun.
…and you want to cut it down?

2 comments on “Tree

  • lol. Yes, not sure what’s up with me at the moment! As I said somewhere else, “I’m full of poems at the moment”.

    No, not a specific tree – it has always bugged me when they cut down ancient trees and put up some horrific cardboard box too-close-together house with a projected lifespan of 20 – 30 years.

    When I go to Woburn park I do like to rub my hands on the bark of the 300 year old trees there. I know, I’m a tree-hugging hippy. 🙂

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