Time kills.
So we kill time.
Time heals.
Does everything heal with time?
Time is made of some sort of plastic
because Dr Who and Einstein can bend time.
Although it’s quite small since it’s
so easy to lose track of time.
Time can be stolen.
We steal time.
We take a minute,
snatch a second.
Time has wings,
time flies.
Time deceives,
time can play tricks.
Time changes everything.
Everything changes with time.
Time passes and,
once it’s gone
it never comes back.
You can’t own time though,
we never “have” time.
Time is addictive nowadays
because we never seem to have
enough time.
Unless you’re in prison;
then you can’t get rid of it,
you have time on your hands,
you’re doing time,
your own time not anyone
else’s, just yours.  The judge
gave you time as your master
and now you serve time.
Until it’s finished with you
or, like money, you’ve spent all your time on nothing,
wasted your time and now you’ve had it,
you’ve run out of…time.

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