Stripes, we’re choosing stripes
strips of coloured cloth as prison window bars
and next,
we’re putting muslin on the doors,
muslin with a wooden frame
to contain our family’s “painful shame”
and locks,
we’re putting locks on all the rooms
all the keys to open them are kept away from us
and too
they’re stopping me from seeing you
no more chatting at the gate
never make me come home late
no more singing to “our” song
they’re what’s made me “turn out wrong”
so from now on they are gone
at least at night
at night when I’m alone
no matter how much they may try
I can still think of you, and cry
and see you in my thoughts
How can it be wrong?
So wrong to love you like I do?
They tell me we are “different”
that your family has no honour
and I have a commitment
But I know my heart
I know my heart will break in two
because of you
and it’s real
it’s real this thing I feel
when I think of you time stops
and the whole of life is worthless
unless I’m with you once again.
Once again, I want to feel you touch my face
stroke my neck as we embrace
and to feel my heart
feel my heart explode with loving you
and you loving me too. As you do.
And I do love you too.

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