Swans on a mirror,
ripples of peace,
brushed by heart-shaped necks reflected in a swan embrace.
They break and slide apart at a matched pace,
a slow arc that suggests they glide on glass,
until one strikes with sun-shadowing wings
that juggle the air into lift and forward motion as they dance,
with a single swan cloud climbing upon the reddening
beams of approaching twilight.

Amongst the rings of bouncing lake
she is left now, remaining set fast,
a subtle flick-flack of tail that hints her mind state.
Smooth-sailing in the setting of the sun
to swathe through the drab ducks who
bristle with mock indisposition,
knowing better than to stray too long into
her meditation.

One comment on “Swans

  • Having chatted briefly with Lisa (my wife) about this poem and what it means I thought perhaps I’d explain that, in some ways it is just a pretty off-rhyming poem about swans..

    ..and yet it is also intended to be a metaphorical poem: the swans represent “the beautiful people”. “Going into the sunset” in poetry is quite often used to represent someone dying or passing away and here the male swan (a famous person) dies leaving his wife behind amongst the ‘drab ducks’ of the paparazzi, press and fans who feel like they can comment on the beautiful swan’s situation in some same way as she might.

    Also, if you’ve even seen a Zen buddhist gravel garden you’d understand the comparison between that and the “ripples of peace” in the poem.

    I know it looks like I write simple stuff…but I rarely do. 🙂


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