You’re flowing, like a trickle tide of
water through a muddy bed.
Flow that breaks.
Flow that stutters,
Flow that falters.
Doesn’t gush.
Thrust on.
Surge, to a torrent.
Push back the banks.
Disturb the sediment and
flow fast with a current
that takes away unwary legs.

I want to see the thrill of
little boy’s eyes as they
play poo sticks in the
Don’t glide like a swan
or be a haven to dragonflies.
Let the reeds settle but make them
an uneasy respite as you rattle
them, shake and scatter them,
swirl about their carefree feet.

Let that flaxen hair waft about;
let it catch on the wind and
blow and flick;
So it flies and whips fast into
unwary eyes.
Let your face glow. Let it shine
and glisten and radiate with life

And that smile. The giggle and
chuckle, smiley-faced cuddle.
Arms reaching, cheeks peachy.
Melt into me like the warmth of a summer
sunset. Like drinks after dinner.

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