This is a performance poem which is accompanied by drumming and sound effects of steam and chanting…

Good men, cutting and slitting
opening the endorphin path;
direct and natural action, fitting, echoes of the past.

Sundance ceremony, the three day fly away from it all;
Helios and Aten, Stonehenge circles
olden day trances, shamanic peoples.

Now beat the drum.
Echo the unleashed modern mind.

All join together,
link hands, commune.
Inglorious enrapture,
gutteral cries in the
heat of the lodge, with
the steam dripping from the walls and skin.

And I’m feeling faint,
nearer to the quest,
dizzy with the spirit.

Yells from within, ancient, deep:
out loud, screeching, rising
undulating, throbbing in my thoughts.

Body drums back, beats at my chest.
Lips cracked but moving, the muttering secrets
ever more rushing to the surface;
wild, urgent, flashing, scary…comforting.

I’m a root in the earth, a bird, a wolf;
totally human animal.

Oh, is this the secret?
under it all, under my modern me?
Tell me.

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