Words of warning to you my friend
love is a life seasoning
which, yet with such a brief beginning as a kiss
upon the lips
when, overdone, leads your heart to burn
but not so bad as when you’ve never tasted it
it is a salt that sears into your wounds
it is a pepper that pricks your tender eyes
but yet
without a hint of it the whole taste of
our days is bland until your
is a grey snack
and your
is a limp offering
and your meal of words, however pretty and
is too dry to stomach
yet, though you’re starved wretched of it
you will choke again at the sweet smell
of it on another man’s breath
Collect together now your spice
and learn to give it too.
Sprinkle it liberally at your workplace
and daily in your bus queue
Gather it every time you can
and shake it out again over passers by
and NEVER stop
make your clothes smell of it
force your arms to make shapes with it
show yourself to have a stench of it
and use it to mellow the scowls of the wicked
drip it first on your tongue before you
curl your words at angry people
the frightened people
the insecure and unbrave people
and know, in your spicy smiling heart
all that’s missing from their recipe is
a dash of your secret ingredient.

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