I’m hidden,
I poke out,
I’m hidden,
you drink alcohol,
I shout,
the drink helps to ease me out.

I’m hidden,
you try hard,
suppress me.
oppress me,
push me down
the room spins
and I’m here
and I’m hard,
so  hard.

I’m fun,
I’m nasty,
I make faces at men
sing songs,
dance on tables
kiss boys
hint about toys.

Pumpkin coaches
have got nothing on me
I’m the funest person
you’ll ever see
loud and lary
I’m quite scary.

But I’m hidden,
so hidden,
for the best
gone until the next
night out
and I return with a shout
and a song
and a dance
and a text, take a chance.

I’m hidden, you fool,
hidden you,
hidden you.

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