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The text
To begin lift the receiver, insert
correct amount and dial the required number.
Insert more coins when indicated by the sound
of rapid beeps. To end the call, replace the
receiver. No change given.

The poem
Let us start this dance, this enrapment;
you shall speak and I shall listen and
together we will carry your words to nations.

Pull me towards you, close so I can feel the brush
of your cheek against my skin. Touch me with that
gentle caress, first here, first there, by a
prearrangement that leads me to connect at one
with the peoples of the world so I may let
your wisdom drift amongst the ether.

When I cry, softly and urgently for more you
must feed me as I demand, for my love is
conditional and can be broken by inattention.

Yet I know, despite this, you can do away with
my passions in an instant if you choose. You
can cast my hand from your face and fling
it against me so my words are muted and I will
no longer hear the beauty of your sweet voice.

But I shall keep a part of you within me, the gold
and silver of your love..for ever.
Until the next time.

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