He sings "let them write their slogans"
sings at politicians,
the corrupted, polluted gorgons.

He sings of government bullets
anti-democratic killers
hiding behind brutal units.

The words are words of defiance
bravery, rebellion and non-compliance.
Epitets that kick sand in the eyes
of the money-grabbing political liars
who "bed their women" whilst preaching to the people
from their crooked church
without even a crooked steeple.

No money for our nurses or councils,
but taxation increases and a creeping of powers
whilst they plan and plot in their ivory towers
and take us to war against our wishes
telling us it’s not about an oil field’s riches.

Smiling at babies and pointing and spinning
killing real people (not soldiers)
we lose the war
but they say we’re winning.
In their shiny suits and toothy grin
killing for profit is the ultimate sin.

Look around and ask all your neighbours
"did you vote for this war?"
Don’t ask the newspapers.
The journos and cameras
are tainted by greed
who believe that tits,
and free ‘lotto’
are all that we need.

And did you notice our digital telly?
Adverts for fast food
that poisons your fat belly.
A nation of wobblers who will die young
killed by commercials more deadly than a gun.

Out of town monsters
with free parking,
and cheap hamsters
who cut prices and wages
and file glorious profits
as they kill off our small corners
and fulfil the doom prophets
with fruit out of season
and huge tins of chocolates
that promise a gorging
that goes beyond reason.

…and we all file in.
…and we force them to win.
…and we accept our lot.
We’re "pleased with what we’ve got"
and we ignore all the nonsense
and run long, daft runs
to ease our concience.

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