A poem about vodka and ecstasy tablets

You write the words, create the chords
to fake the feelings you don’t show.
You play your games of let’s pretend
defend your private solo world.

Let fly the thoughts
and dream those dreams
before it all gets far too late.
Don’t give in or join the team
of urban twitching worriers.
You can fool yourself
and others too
but I’ll warn you now,
I’ll spell it out;
we’ve put our mark on you.

Hold on back, and open up
your shielded sense of nothingness.
Change your tack, and
villify the normal ones.
Don’t look back,
no regrets are use to us.
I promise you you’ll feel no pain.
Pop it in, swallow down
and shut out all your friends.

Your nervousness,
springs from nothing tangible.
To your distress,
you’ll find you’ve got the part of village fool.
But let time pass
and trust in us
to help you through.
You’ll be ok,
we’re here to help,
those feelings never last.

Swallow us; drink us down;
stronger getting stronger.
Feel blood course
the full effects are yet to come.
Wipe out thoughts
supression is effective.
But when you’re up
you’re coming down
coz nothing ever lasts.

When you think you’ve mastered us
we’ll ask for twice the payment,
but trying hard is not enough
we’ll beat you in the end.
The best advice is not to start
unless you seek destruction.
We win our game, we play it best
and you’re no match for sure.
So pop it in and drink it now
and let the game begin.

Say goodbye to the normal life
and hello to our club.
Struggle hard we’re stuck on you.
We hold to your commitment.
We don’t want cash,
we’ll take your youth, your life,
your heart, your soul.
Mate in two, we’ve beaten you
goodbye to all of that.
Swallow hard and accept your fate
and sleep your way to death.

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