Inspired by a photograph of an Iraqi prisoner
being “firmly questioned”

Whipped and struck,
hands stretched out high.
Crucifix posture
perverted for shame.
Hooded, beaten, taunted
On wooden altar, frozen in time
portrait depiction, captured crime.
Unjustified harm.
Purposed, permissioned
commissioned, but why?
Imagined resistance
unproved existence,
deniable, conscionable
victim afar,
a renditioned non-person,
an Arab attar.
Who will pay dearly?
Who stops the buck?
Why do we let them
continue this muck?
What is the reason
and wherefores or why?
Who cries the tears that
never can dry?
Who points the fingers,
without shred of blame?
We are all victims but
share guilt the same.

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