A little while ago a female blogger friend of mine posted a copy of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”. A great poem, except the context in which it was quoted, albeit slightly tongue in cheek, was slightly anti-man or at least anti-relationship, specfically anti heterosexual relationship. I wrote this poem as a bit of a retort, also slightly tongue in cheek.

Boy meets girl. Using Maya Angelou
We’re crushes, we’re candy, we’re muscle for hire.
The ripple of pecs, six pack of desire.
Our suntans and biceps, our white-glinting grins.
we star in your dreams full of lascivious sins.

Bug-killing, hole-digging beer-swilling fun
the rubbers of cream to protect you from sun.
The flash of smiles in the dark of the bar,
the press of our hips, the brush against bra.

As much as you hate us, in truth it’s a game
you flicker with passion when we say your name
and fingertips stretch on a sunset beach
to lock intertwined so each caress each.

For the faults and the failings we endlessly list
drop from our thoughts as our lips meet to kiss,
since the truth is, despite what we say to each other
the world would be wasted without you, my lover.

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