An illusion of freedom.

Selecting the exact flavor of your
poison is a small success in the recipe for failure.

Now you have your beasts and they herd you. You asked for
more beef and they gave you swine. But the taste is not the same.
And the front of the pack is lumbering and sweats from exertion
on spindle legs;
but the others will not step forward for fear of being selected for
the wrong role. Timing is everything.

Beneath their feet falls the wheat and the field mice to drown in
the waste, hoof-churned dung and the dust-bowl of ineptitude.

Their horns swing wildly and draw cuts from one another and all
in their path; trees, walls, ground…alike. This is your cabal.
This is your cabal. This is your cabal and your choice and it
swinges through the plains shoulder-to-shoulder, hock-to-hock
and it will plunge on through until it reaches a cliff and is
driven over by whooping warriors or is encircled and picked
off to feed the desperate.

There will be much stamping of heavy hooves and rippling of
shoulders below threadbare manes but,
in the end it will succumb and you will choose fish next time.

Fish and two loaves and you will try to feed the five hundred.

And the five hundred will eat until, weary of fish, they choose beef.

So I ask you; would it be a kindness to be rid of it all?

One comment on “Beef

  • As a small aside here – because I am old and of a British origin I learned to read and write from books which contained an extensive vocabulary, some of which is quite out of fashion now. As a result I suggest you be very careful when you believe me to have ‘made up’ the perfectly cromulent word “swinges” and in an attempt to prove that use Google to try and catch me out. Your Google search will believe you to have stupidly misspelled “swinging” and will present you with many deligthful search results of a less than hygienic nature. Ever helpful, the Google/Facebook advertising omnipotence will likely offer to put you in touch with a bowl-full of car keys near you for some time to come*. Good luck.

    Clever Google searchers will instead put quote marks around the word like so: “swinge” and will be rewarded with the definition and proof that I am indeed a smart-ass with a wider vocabulary than the Microsoft Word and Facebook spell-checkers. 😉

    *pun intended.

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