Well – what a busy last few weeks!  Poetry in the Milton Keynes area seems to have sucked in some new kind of life-force and exploded into fashion.

Alex (a.k.a. Ian Barker) performed several times in December including The Poetry Kapow, The Tin Angel in Coventry and at the new HUGELY successful Tongue in Chic Poets launch night.  So successful have these events been in attracting talent that Alex only got to read a couple of poems at each gig.  (That’s a good thing – it means LOADS of people were fighting to perform and it’s about the poetry winning and being successful, not just about Alex getting more than his five minutes of fame).  I prefer to not hog the time, even though with over 200 poems I actually have enough material to go on for several hours.  At future Tongue in Chic gigs we’re going to restrict people a lot more so that the guest poet and featured poets get more time to do their thing.

I should point out that I’m the webmaster for the Tongue In Chic Poets website www.tongueinchicpoets.co.uk so I *could* be biased but it was a very successful night and we’re all waiting impatiently for the next one.

I will be performing at “Raising the Arwen” in Northampton on 21st January and at “From Bard to Verse” in Stony Stratford on 30th January.  Please come along.  If you think poetry is some sort of navel-gazing experience with dusty-jacketed boffs and nutcases you could be in for a surprise.  Take a look at the Tongue in Chic Gallery to see what I mean!

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