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You can comment on articles you see here and subscribe to our RSS newsfeed. Some of the poems have appeared under the pen name “Alex Sykie” but they are, in fact, all the work of one person: Ian Barker.

El Museo Latino
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Did you see Ian performing at El Museo Latino in Omaha? If you would like to read the poems Ian read plus a few bonus poems then click here for a PDF of the words.

You can read more about El Museo here: El Museo Latino Official website.




Feb 2012
I performed two poems on 22 Feb 2012 at a Lenten Service for The First Christian Church in Omaha

Afterwards a significant number of people came up to ask me to send or point them towards the two poems I read. The poems are:


Older news

Ian performing at a recent Barnes and Noble event for the Nebraska Writers Collective

Ian’s books

Ian’s third book Spooky Sayings has been released.  You’ll can download it from Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble eBooks shortly. BUT if you want to get it now FOR FREE then click the link below.


Spooky Sayings

“Spooky Sayings”

For a short time you can download the book in PDF format, for free, by clicking on this link: PDF E-book format

I hope you enjoy the book!

Can you tell the difference?

“Can you tell the difference?”

Ian’s first book of poetry “Can you tell the difference” is available on the Apple Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble – search for “Can you tell the difference ian barker”.

For a short time you can download the book as PDF-only conversion of the Nook version of the book and read it like any other PDF by clicking on this link: Adobe PDF format

Not all of these are about you

“Not all of these are about you”

The second book, “Not all of these are about you” is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as the Apple iBook store. You can get it here for **free** in PDF format by clicking on this link: Adobe PDF format

The two books represent a broad cross-section of Ian’s output over the last few years and feature many of the performance favorites along with some of those more suitable for reading to oneself.

Another book containing Ian’s poems…

Yes, if you’re not content with Ian being published in Popshot Zine, Monkey Kettle, appearing on the “This Reality Podcast” (which he’s just agreed to make a semi-regular event every few weeks) plus several other collections and anthologies; SIX of Ian’s poems have also been published in “Reflections from Mirror City” by Tongue In Chic Press.

You can buy this book – stuffed to the gills with some of the best contemporary British poetry – directly from Amazon using this link or, if you’d prefer, you can get it from Tongue In Chic’s approved distributor using this eBay shop link

Interview on This Reality Podcast

This Reality Podcast
Ian appears as a semi-regular guest on the “This Reality Podcast” with Brennig and Soph – you can read more and subscribe to the podcast at www.thisrealitypodcast.com

You can go directly to some of the episodes which feature Ian here – but DO subscribe anyway – they’re very good!:

http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?p=1427 Episode 153 – Ian is on about 16 minutes in.

http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?p=1123 Episode 136 – Ian is on about 32 minutes in (despite the internet trying to stop it!)

http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?p=899 Episode 124 – Ian is on about 18 minutes in.

http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?p=840 Episode 120 – Ian is on about 30 minutes in.

http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?p=769 Episode 111 – Ian is on about 35 minutes in.

Even MORE books with Ian’s poems


Ian has been published in a varied number of poetry collections, anthologies and magazines including the hugely popular and well established Monkey Kettle Anthology, Allographic’s “Small Word” series and the critically acclaimed Popshot Zine (which was featured in both The Observer and The Economist and had widespread coverage amongst many others).  He also has no less than six of his poems in the Tongue In Chic anthology: “Reflections from mirror city” curated by Mark Niel the official Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes.

Ian has also performed in a wide number of locations including on behalf of the UK Poetry Society at their bi-centennial event at Stowe Gardens stately home – dressed in 18C finery and performing Robbie Burns poems in the original Scottish dialect!

He has had many “featured poet” spots either individually or as part of  the “Bardcore” performance poetry collective around the UK Midlands which culminated with Ian being the invited MK feature poet and supporting the great John Hegley in July 2009 at The Madcap theatre in Wolverton.